The Last Battle: Fan Service Done Right


One of the major hang ups when Star Wars was sold to Disney in 2012 was that The Clone Wars was abruptly ended in favor of Star Wars Rebels being created for a Disney television network. Obviously, this left many different plot lines open and arguably the biggest one was that the series never got the conclusion it deserved. The most recent episode of Rebels, at the very least, helped close this loop for fans of The Clone Wars.




As someone who didn’t watch The Clone Wars until earlier this year, this episode made me even more jealous that I didn’t watch it earlier. I envy anyone who got to feel the blast of nostalgia in this episode because it had to have been outstanding. This has definitely been my favorite episode of the series so far, ever so slightly beating out the epic season two finale.

This episode absolutely felt like a throwback to The Clone Wars with the music, Rex’s PTSD and Kanan’s experience bleeding through amidst combat with our old friends, the droids. I thought it was great how Ezra learned common things like the “sword and shield” tactic or the way the droids operated on the fly. There was an element of older Star Wars fans crossing over with younger Star Wars fans to it that I thought was pretty cool. Not to mention we had Ezra asking the important questions.


I also liked how they brought the droids back and explained why they were still active. Making it a point that they were now faulty and malfunctioning really helped make it seem believable. Bringing back Kalani as the super tactical droid in this episode was another nice idea. Instead of some random super tactical droid deserted on a random planet, we got a familiar face to add a bit of a personal touch and history to the droids and what happened to them. Droid humor is still wildly entertaining, by the way.


I felt the revelation from Ezra that nobody won the Clone Wars resulting in Rex and the droids working together was a little cliché but I didn’t hate it. Ultimately, Ezra is right because both the clones and droids were nothing more than expendable tools for Palpatine to use to take control of the galaxy. Seeing clones and droids working together to fight the Empire was a cool little crossover between the prequel era and the original trilogy era that I didn’t know I always wanted.


But we have to talk about the end of the episode. If that restylized Star Wars Rebels logo with the original Clone Wars credits didn’t do something for you then I don’t know what to tell you. Ultimately, I’m a sucker for this kind of thing because, if it’s not over the top, some fan service can do so much for both the show and the audience. In the grand scheme of things, this was technically a filler episode but it didn’t feel that way because it was more like an individual slice of the Star Wars universe than some random filler attachment to the season.

Ultimately, this was a nice little way to tie a ribbon on The Clone Wars and give it a bit of the ending that it deserved.




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