Will We Feel the Winds of Winter in 2017?


Death, taxes and George R. R. Martin never releasing new books. A Dance With Dragons, the last book to be released in Martin’s wildly popular A Song of Ice and Fire series, released in July of 2011. Fans have been waiting about five and a half years now for the next installment, The Winds of Winter, and maybe now there’s actually some hope.



On Martin’s blog, he recently revealed at the end of December that The Winds of Winter was not complete (shocker). With season seven of Game of Thrones coming out this summer, fans are dying to read the next book in the series before the events play out on television. This past season, Game of Thrones technically passed where the books are currently at in the story but the majority of the events we saw are those that have been set up in the books for quite some time. Now, in season seven, Game of Thrones is truly entering uncharted waters. Nobody really has any clue what’s coming. Except maybe there’s a chance we will?

In a post on Martin’s blog yesterday, Martin confirmed that he did not make as much progress as he had planned last year and he revealed that he thought The Winds of Winter would be completed by now. This would appear to give an indication that he’s relatively close and he even goes so far as to say that he believes it could be released this year (hahahaha). We’ll see what happens, I think fans are justified in believing that this book series is never going to be completed at this point and I think the morbid subject of Martin’s mortality is a reasonable thing to consider here. We’re talking about three books completed over the last 16 years with one more book to go after this one.

I didn’t get a chance to read through A Song of Ice and Fire until the break between seasons five and six of Game of Thrones but now I’m in. I want this next book. I almost don’t care if we never even get a sniff of A Dream of Spring. I want to read through The Winds of Winter and at least get an idea of what the conclusion to the book story is because I feel like Game of Thrones is about to completely bastardize the thing. Obviously, I would prefer we get The Winds of Winter before season seven of Game of Thrones but at this point, I don’t care when we get it as long as we do. We’ll see if 2017 is the year. Probably not.




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