Star Wars Episode 8 Officially Titled “The Last Jedi”

Ep 8.png

The eighth episode in the Star Wars saga, releasing in December, has officially been titled The Last Jedi.


When The Force Awakens ended, we were finally reunited with Luke Skywalker after his absence for the duration of the movie. We obviously knew that Luke would be a major focus in Episode 8 and now the title puts him at center stage. Not gonna lie, The Last Jedi is just an overall badass title and the red color definitely matches the darker vibe many people are anticipating in this movie. Just based off the title image alone, there’s definitely more of an Empire Strikes Back/Revenge of the Sith feeling to this movie.

There’s plenty of time to debate the meaning of the title as well. It could be that Luke is the last Jedi, which is currently the case. It could be that Rey is the last Jedi because Luke dies in the movie. Jedi can also be plural, which would mean that both Luke and Rey are the last Jedi. Lots of implications from three words, which should be loads of fun to discover the meaning of.

I might actually wet myself the first time Luke ignites his lightsaber.




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