PSA: eSports Does Not Literally Mean Sports


If you weren’t aware, there was a somewhat large eSports event that took place this past weekend. In a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament, Astralis defeated Team to win the ELEAGUE Major and claim its half million dollar prize. When you combine that with the fact that the event was also carried live on TBS, that puts eSports in the spotlight for a little bit. And predictably, here come the hardos.


News flash, folks, nobody thinks eSports is an actual sport. The term is obviously short for “electronic sports” but it’s not meant to be taken literally. The term eSports is just a short word to encapsulate the concept of competitive gaming. That’s all it is, a name. It just makes things a hell of a lot easier to call it by a short name and eSports just happened to be what people settled on. It’s just a name to identify the category; we are not actually calling it a sport.

Look, gaming and sports just don’t mix. I consider myself as part of a rare breed at this point, being a hardcore gamer and a massive sports fan. For whatever reason, both sports people and gamers get offended at the idea of the other even existing, let alone liking both. I know, jocks and nerds high school clique nonsense, I get it. But this is ridiculous. I see gamers spitting on the idea of liking sports and sports people dumping on anyone for liking gaming on a routine basis at this point. I got news for you folks, you’re basically into the exact same thing except that one is physical and one is digital.


I’m not a hardcore eSports fan but I will occasionally tune in from time to time. It’s competitive, it’s taken seriously, people really get into it and there are real prizes at stake. But it’s not a sport and I don’t think anyone actually considers it to be one. I’m sure there are people who consider it a sport but they’re most certainly in the minority. It’s just so simplistic and stereotypical for sports people to see the word “sport” in eSports and immediately lose their minds when they really have no clue what they’re talking about. Stop taking the term eSports so literally and getting offended by its existence. Competitive gaming has grown exponentially in recent years and is now gaining some real momentum, so it’s not going anywhere.




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