The Walking Dead Cranks the Ridiculousness Up to 11


One of the major concerns with The Walking Dead in approaching this area of the story was that it might be too comic booky for tv. The level of ridiculously over the top things is prominent in this area of the story; with Negan and Ezekiel in particular. The reaction has been relatively mixed now that this material is being transferred to the show and I guess they’re quadrupling down on it.


Spoilers for Season 7 ahead



As it relates to Negan, I’m in the minority in that I do not like the show’s version of his character. The writing is certainly part of it I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s portrayal of Negan is more often mediocre and annoying than anything else. I find it completely exhausting when he’s on screen and it seriously drains my interest. I’m all for giving Negan his comic flair but they’ve taken it way too far.


Moving onto Ezekiel, this is the one that was really going to be a question mark. I mean really, we’re basically talking about putting King Arthur in a series taking place in modern time. And just for kicks, he has a (not so great CGI) pet tiger. I’ve actually found Ezekiel to be relatively bearable on the show, which is a credit to Khary Payton’s performance. I think it was poorly written to introduce the Kingdom, give you the backstory and then go right back to the whole king façade but that’s a different story. Between just these two characters, you’re pretty much right up against the line of being too ridiculous… and then here come the Garbage Pail Kids.


Last night, we were introduced to the Garbage Pail Kids (dubbed by the community months ago during filming leaks) who are somehow more ridiculous than I could have anticipated. I honestly don’t even know how to wrap my head around this one. The one thing I saw in quite a few places last night was that the Garbage Pail Kids are like something ripped out of Fallout and it’s hard to disagree with that assessment.

It’s been what, two-ish years since everything went down? And this group of trash people has somehow degraded into this primal, emotionless tribe that doesn’t really even speak? Their philosophy doesn’t really make any sense and they’re really not even people anymore. They even live in a horrifically terrible CGI dump. I mean seriously, The Walking Dead has pushed the level of ridiculousness to its limit over the course of the series but the Garbage Pail Kids blew right through the stop sign last night. They are literally trash people.

Again I ask, who thought this group was a good idea? I have a big enough issue with the fact that they’re introducing groups to use as fodder for All Out War and to (probably) replace more important character deaths. Now the groups introduced to do so are going to be unbearable on top of it all? That might be the only solace I can take with the Garbage Pail Kids; is that they are all going to be wiped off the planet by the Saviors.


On a smaller note, I also find myself in the minority of not giving a damn about the show one-upping its previous ridiculous zombie kill. Whether it’s Daryl slicing two zombies with a chair or Rick and Michonne slicing up 300 zombies with a steel cable between two cars, it does nothing for me. The Walking Dead has basically turned into a 16 episode series built around doubling down on whatever the last ridiculous thing was that it did.

I try to be a positive person but holy crap with this show; I feel like a broken record at this point. For every step forward The Walking Dead takes, it immediately takes two or three steps back. They just can’t stop themselves from doing dumb things. All Out War is the absolute best arc in the comic series and it’s really the only reason I’m still watching the show. I already know they’re probably going to butcher it and that I’m going to hate it but at this point I might as well finish out the story (that I care about anyway, post All Out War in the comics is awful). The Walking Dead is basically a car accident now; it’s so stupid and ridiculous that you can’t help but watch.




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