Is the Unaltered Star Wars Original Trilogy Finally Going to be Released?

Star Wars.png

Here we go again. We have yet another rumor that the original, unaltered version of the Star Wars Original Trilogy is set to be released. But before you brush it off, you might want to consider why it might be true this time.



The folks over at Making Star Wars posted about the rumor last week and it’s been circulating the internet a bit since. Jason Ward, the author of the post, made a note that he wouldn’t normally talk about these kinds of rumors because they’re usually wrong but that the evidence from his sources is mounting that it’s true. Again, this is hardly a new rumor; how many times have we heard it now? This is one of those rumors that should always be taken with a massive truckload of salt.

Fans have been clamoring for the original theatrical versions of the Original Trilogy for years now. While I don’t totally hate every single change that George Lucas has made to the Original Trilogy, the edited versions aren’t perfect either. I’ve never once bought into the nonsense that the original versions of the movies were “lost” forever and I do believe that it’s only a matter of time before they’re released. It’s literally free money for minimal work, which is why they should (and will) do it.


The strongest thing supporting this rumor is that this year is the 40th anniversary of Star Wars. Star Wars Celebration Orlando is set to take place April 13-16 and will be opening with a special tribute to the 40th anniversary. This 40th anniversary panel has been hyped to include surprises, and I think the theatrical version of the Original Trilogy being released would definitely count as a surprise. All I know is that’ll be one hell of a morning if we get the unaltered Original Trilogy and the premiere trailer for The Last Jedi within the same hour.




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