What the Hell was That Scene in Last Night’s Walking Dead?


I really don’t want to have a weekly/biweekly bitch session about this show… but sometimes I can’t help it. I literally just wrote about this two weeks ago and The Walking Dead came out and did it again. That deer scene last night was so comically bad that I just have to talk about it.


Let’s set the scene. The episode is basically dedicated to a lengthy supply run by my least favorite tv couple of all time (until Jon and Daenerys inevitably become a thing) in which both of them break character, are reckless and show no sense of urgency while they bang each other and kill zombies. They stumble across a carnival/military site that’s filled with guns so they decide to clear out all the zombies to get the guns for the Garbage Pail Kids to fight Negan. But oh wait, a zombie accidentally fires an assault rifle at them and their plan to do that goes to hell so they have to improvise. Then Bambi enters the picture and The Walking Dead does what The Walking Dead does best.


For starters, that was without a doubt the worst CGI deer you’ll ever see in your life. When that thing entered the screen I had to pause the show and laugh because of how bad it was. So Rick stops killing the zombies and tries to kill Bambi instead, because he owes Michonne a deer. But wait! More zombies show up, the Ferris wheel breaks and Rick falls to the ground!


Then in typical The Walking Dead fashion, Michonne runs over to see the zombies completely consume Rick’s position. So we get what I guess is supposed to be a super emotional moment for Michonne thinking Rick is dead, even though there’s not a single person on the planet who believes that. Then Rick literally pops out of a carnival box, confirming that the deer was actually the thing being eaten by the zombies, and he throws Michonne her sword in slow motion; snapping her out of her daze and they kill all the zombies. It was literally something ripped out of a Sharknado movie.

Seriously, what happened to this show? I mean, it was never an all time great show and it always had low points but it was never like this. Even if an episode was bad, the show was at least enjoyable to some degree. It has effectively turned into a parody of itself at this point, which would be fine if the show was at least a little bit self aware. The problem with The Walking Dead is that the people in charge of it actually believe these are good ideas and that they are creating a high quality, dramatic tv show.

The Walking Dead has done some ridiculously terrible things before but season seven has just taken it to an absurd level. It happens, sometimes you try things and they don’t quite come out the way you wanted them to, I get it. But I’m convinced that it has to be on purpose now. We are talking about a consistent string of events in this show that are so mind numbingly ridiculous that it has to be intentional. An entire group of people actually sits together in a room together and says, “yeah, this is a good idea, we should put it on television.” I’m honestly curious to see how they out-stupid this one.




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