Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere Date Revealed


At the end of season six, we learned that Game of Thrones would be a little delayed heading into seasons seven and eight. Obviously, with winter becoming the focal theme of the final seasons, they wanted to film in the colder weather so that naturally pushed the show back. Well we can stop guessing when season seven will premiere, because we now know the date.


After an interactive live stream in which viewers spent an hour melting a block of ice to reveal the release date, we’ve learned that Game of Thrones season seven will premiere on July 16th.

After watching the show for six years, it sucks that we’ll have to wait a little longer to get to the ending but waiting is nothing new to the series. Many people speculated that the series would return around June but it turns out that it’ll be even later than that on top of season seven being reduced from ten episodes to seven. So a longer wait for fewer episodes, yippee. The only saving grace for people like me is that it puts off the inevitable and maintains a sliver of hope that maybe we’ll get The Winds of Winter before then.

Personally, my cruise is in July and I’m just glad that Game of Thrones is waiting until the day I come home to start back up.




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