The Walking Dead is Shooting for 20 Seasons

No, that’s not a typo and it’s not April 1st.



Over the weekend, The Walking Dead show runner Scott Gimple stated in an interview with the NY Daily News that they’re aiming for twenty seasons. Gimple says that the length of the ongoing comic series and the challenge of matching the longevity of The Simpsons push them towards reaching the 20 season mark.

This guy’s sniffing glue.


When Gimple took over The Walking Dead, I was firmly on Team Gimple. I feel like he righted the ship in seasons four and five after the debacle that was season three with Glen Mazzara in charge, he got back to the source material and the show was back on the rails heading into the strength of the series. Since then, we’ve had an intellectually insulting dumpster fiasco, arguably the single worst cliffhanger of all time and an entire season that has pretty much felt like a complete waste of time. We’re currently looking at a war that will span the duration of the series’ eighth season and knowing the pace of this show, probably into the ninth. But what’s ahead of that?


There have been roughly 40 issues in the comic series since the conclusion of the war and it wasn’t particularly good. There were some interesting events and concepts introduced to the series after the brutal war with Negan and the Saviors but many of them largely fell flat. Outside of maybe one or two storylines and a handful of high points, the post-war arc was dreadful and would be an absolute nightmare to watch play out on screen.

On top of the serious dip in quality of content, the show is on a massive ratings decline and there are rumblings that some of the actors may want out soon. While The Walking Dead still rakes in more viewers than anything else on Sunday nights, it’s a fraction of what it used to be. Everyone I know who watches the show, both hardcore and casual fans, are losing interest and many have flat out stopped watching altogether. Once you start factoring in the element of actors leaving and/or recasting roles, the show is likely going to fall apart.


People used to watch this show because they were excited to see how things developed and they enjoyed the show. Now, there‘s a growing number of people only watching the show because they feel obligated to stick with it after seven years of investment. Personally, I’m out as soon as All Out War is over. With a tweak to the ending, All Out War would present a natural conclusion to the series after eight seasons and could end the series on a high note after the last couple years. Instead, they’re going to give The Walking Dead a slow, painful death trying to hit an impossible 20 season mark.




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