CD Projekt Red is Thriving Post-Witcher

CD Projekt Red poured their heart and soul into The Witcher series and they’ve been rewarded for it.


In 2007, CD Projekt Red released The Witcher, its first video game. The Witcher was a bit of a train wreck and a learning experience that left the company in borderline bankruptcy. Four years later, CD Projekt Red released a much more polished product, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, to much praise. In 2015, CD Projekt Red released arguably the greatest game of all time in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Over the course of eight years, CD Projekt Red turned a clunky and outdated mess of a game into the single greatest game I’ve ever played. That’s pretty good.

geralt ciri.jpg

CD Projekt Red has blossomed into a star in an industry that has hardly become consumer friendly. Each entry in The Witcher series has greatly improved upon the previous title and has been relatively untouched by anti-consumer practices (microtransactions, DLC, preorder bonuses, etc.) that have become commonplace in the industry. The Witcher 3 did receive a season pass and it ended up being a steal. At a more than reasonable cost, CD Projekt Red developed two legit expansions for The Witcher 3 that were worthy of matching up against entire AAA games, let alone DLC. This was on top of 16 free pieces of DLC that were released on a regular basis for The Witcher 3 post launch that would have been microtransactions or paid DLC for most other games. CD Projekt Red properly developed their game without handcuffing their consumers and they’ve been rewarded for it.


When CD Projekt Red acquired the rights to create The Witcher video game series, the series’ author (and notorious video game hater) Andrzej Sapkowski turned down a profit-sharing deal and took an up-front payment instead, anticipating the game to fail. By August 2016, CD Projekt Red eclipsed a net worth of $1 billion and has become a major company in Poland. By the end of 2016, The Witcher series as a whole has sold over 25 million copies. I don’t care how much Sapkowski hates the fact that his baby was turned into a game, he’s gotta be kicking himself over that decision every day.

CD Projekt Red has become the one company in the gaming industry that has earned my complete faith and I feel it’s well deserved. The Witcher series is constantly on sale and you can get the entire series for something like $30, which is borderline stealing. If you ever see it on sale and you haven’t played it, do yourself a favor and grab it. I got the entire series (not including DLC) for about $7 and I feel guilty that I didn’t pay more for it. CD Projekt Red has done everything right and they deserve everything they’ve gotten.

The Witcher Zireal.jpg

I fully expect Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red’s next title, to be a terrific game and I can’t wait to get my hands on it but The Witcher series has become one of my babies. If CD Projekt Red ever announces The Witcher 4, I might die.




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