It Sounds Like Call of Duty is Returning to World War 2

Activision might be a year late to the punch, but it looks like Call of Duty is returning to its roots.


Last week, YouTuber TheFamilyVideoGamers uploaded a video revealing leaked information about this year’s release of Call of Duty. According to the leaks, the game created by Sledgehammer Games is returning the series to its World War 2 beginnings. Reinforcing these leaks, Eurogamer reported this week that the leaks are indeed true and that Call of Duty will be returning to World War 2 for the first time since 2008’s World at War.

Returning Call of Duty to its roots has been something that fans of the series have been craving for a couple years now. The fatigue from modern and futuristic shooters has firmly cemented itself and players are looking to shake up the formula. This was made apparent last year when Battlefield received universal praise for setting their latest title in World War 1 while Call of Duty was ridiculed for yet another game set in the future.

While a shift to World War 2 is probably a year too late, it would still be a welcomed change to the series. There are two things that could at least make me consider jumping back into Call of Duty; a Call of Duty 4 remaster and a return to World War 2. Activision badly butchered the Call of Duty 4 remaster last year by tying it to a special edition of Infinite Warfare and considering the direction the series has taken in recent years, I’m not getting my hopes up for a new game set in World War 2. It’ll be great to see Call of Duty make a return to where it started, but just how good it is will remain to be seen.




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