So What Exactly Did The Walking Dead Accomplish This Season?

The seventh season of The Walking Dead felt like we were just spinning our tires waiting for an inevitable conclusion.


Season Seven spoilers for The Walking Dead, obviously.



I don’t think the story arc for this season was particularly surprising to anyone. There wasn’t a single twist or surprising turn of events at any point in this season. Even the Garbage Pail Kids double-crossing Rick in the finale was as predictable as anything we’ve seen on this show. You didn’t have to read the comic book to know that eventually Rick was going to go to war with Negan. I’m sure there are the fringe few who were actually surprised at times but when you consider that the vast majority of the audience always knew what was coming, it leaves you asking what exactly was accomplished this season?


After resolving the horrific season six cliffhanger in the season premiere, it really didn’t feel like anything happened. Sure, there were big moments from time to time in season seven but how much wasted time was there? I think there were only one or two episodes this season where it felt like the entire episode used its time wisely. Every other episode was like a 40 minute grind just to get to the one relevant part of the episode. Then, whatever happened in those episodes was likely to end up being irrelevant anyway. This season could have been wrapped up in eight episodes and we’d already be knee deep in the war. If you really wanted to be picky, the war would be long over if you could correct a lot of the pace issues from earlier seasons on top of it.


By the end of each season, the characters are usually wearing their warmer clothes and you can see the colors of fall in the environment because the show films into November. But when Sunday’s finale ended, Rick was wearing a regular short sleeve shirt and the leaves on the trees were still green. It seriously doesn’t even feel like they filmed an entire season. It’s like they just decided halfway through filming that they had enough for 16 episodes and called it quits for the summer. Usually after a season finale I feel like I watched a full season of a show but I just feel like I’ve been brainlessly grinding my way through a whole lot of nothing.


As painful as it was to get here, we’re finally at the war. All Out War was my favorite arc in the comic book and I remember how excited I was to get over to the store so I could pick up the newest issues when they came out. Every issue of this arc had something important that happened and the story was constantly moving. There’s more than enough material for season eight to be The Walking Dead’s biggest season yet and I would hate to see them ruin it. I’m of the mindset that everything after All Out War in the comics was absolutely dreadful so this is really The Walking Dead’s last chance to hit it big before this show jumps the shark.

My biggest fear is that they’re going to stall this thing out and potentially push it into season nine. I just know in my gut that they’re going to screw this up. We can’t have another season with a bunch of useless episodes and two episodes where anything of importance happens. It’s just not acceptable. Just about everyone I know that watches the show has now either quit watching or is on the verge of doing so because the quality has gone downhill so fast that they physically can’t make it through an episode. I’m praying that All Out War is good in the show because this is it for me. Once this arc is over, I’m out. I can’t watch this show anymore.




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