Gearbox Software Signing a Deal with G2A is a Serious Problem

It was announced a couple days ago that Gearbox Software and G2A partnered up for a limited collector’s edition of the upcoming Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. This is, in a word, garbage.


If you’re at all familiar with G2A then you probably know full well what a disgrace they are to the gaming industry. If you aren’t familiar, G2A is a site that serves as a medium for users to buy and sell game keys. Think of it like eBay for gaming keys. Sites like G2A have become incredibly popular because you can buy brand new games there for a rather substantial discount. Shockingly, this is the case because G2A has repeatedly come under fire for various reasons, the most prominent being the selling of fake or stolen keys.


Back in February, G2A held an AMA on Reddit in an attempt to repair their image and it blew up in their face. Rather than actually answering questions, G2A opted to feed people a line of garbage and effectively pretend that the accusations made against them are made up. One Reddit user called them out on their contradictory responses and went so far as to expose the flaws in their system with a step by step response in how thieves can sell stolen or fake keys in mass. G2A responded by tracking down that person’s G2A account and effectively blocked their access to the site.

G2A is nothing less than the scum that collects on the bottom of your shoe. This is a company that knows full well that people are reselling stolen and fake game keys on their site and they refuse to do anything about it because that’s how they make their money. This doesn’t help anybody except for the thieves and G2A. If you buy a fake key on G2A you’re basically shit out of luck and if you buy a stolen key, you’re contributing to serious damage done to developers. G2A isn’t only anti-consumer but it’s a plague in the gaming industry that has become a real problem.


All of this leads up to the biggest point here; why the fuck is Gearbox willingly joining up with G2A? G2A does absolutely nothing to help the gaming industry and now we have a major developer willingly joining up with them to sell a special edition of a game. Gearbox should be ashamed of themselves for doing this and the only appropriate response is boycott their games. In making this partnership, Gearbox is openly supporting a practice that is damaging the industry as a whole. G2A is a website completely supported by theft and anyone who contributes to that problem is just as bad as G2A themselves.

If you’ve seen any of the bigger content creators on Twitch and YouTube, many of them cancelled their G2A sponsorships when they realized how big of a problem it has become. Unfortunately, some people just don’t care and they’ll take the sponsorships or use the site anyway. Nothing will ever change unless people stop using the site and the fact of the matter is that most people just don’t care enough because all they’re concerned with is the money. A big developer like Gearbox supporting sites like G2A makes it all the more difficult to clear this filth from the industry.




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