Patches for Mass Effect: Andromeda are Underway

Mass Effect: Andromeda released to a firestorm of criticism two weeks ago. Rather than fighting back against it, BioWare took the intelligent path and opened themselves up to that criticism and patches for the game are already underway.


Mass Effect: Andromeda has a lot of problems, no two ways about it. Between performance issues, glitches and a long list of annoyances; BioWare did not release Andromeda to an acceptable standard. Fortunately, they’ve been receptive to the criticism and are already working on fixing a lot of the problems.


BioWare revealed some of the details for upcoming patches to Andromeda yesterday in the form of a roadmap. Over the next two months, patches will improve on things like the character creator, character appearances, male Ryder romance options and other areas as well as general fixes for both single player and multiplayer. BioWare’s quick response to the reaction to Andromeda means that the game should be up to a much more acceptable quality relatively soon.

The first patch is set to roll out on Thursday (April 6). This patch will include things like increased inventory, adding the ability to skip galaxy map cutscenes, improved appearances for characters, improved matchmaking in multiplayer as well as various other features and bugs. This patch should smooth over a lot of the more prominent annoyances in Andromeda and hold us over until BioWare can make some of the bigger fixes/changes that the game needs.



I’m really glad to see that BioWare is taking this approach. Yeah we get it; these are all things that should have been included/resolved at launch but they weren’t. At least BioWare is fixing them rather than just standing by what they launched with and putting up a fight over it. Too many times, companies stand by their original product and refuse to accept or acknowledge any criticism; feeding a load of garbage to the consumers in the process. In this case, BioWare is taking in all of the criticism and using it to improve Andromeda as soon as possible. So I would encourage people to send polite messages to BioWare through social media or wherever if you encounter any glitches or small areas where a change might be beneficial.

Also, I want to play through the game again and the sooner these problems are solved the sooner I can do that.




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