Gearbox Software’s Partnership With G2A is Over

Well that didn’t last long.


Earlier this week, Gearbox Software partnered with G2A to feature a limited collector’s edition of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition on the notorious digital marketplace; a move that was met with an insane amount of backlash as a result of G2A’s toxic presence within the gaming industry. Just days later, Gearbox has officially ended the partnership and is in the process of extracting themselves from the deal.

TB LUL.jpg

While the credit here goes to everyone who spoke up against the move, a lot of credit goes to Total Biscuit. TB’s initial response to news of the partnership is primarily what got the ball rolling on this story. Gearbox reached out to TB after his comments as they claimed to be unaware of the shitstorm surrounding G2A and the two sides worked out a solution to the problem. Yesterday, Gearbox announced an ultimatum which would require G2A to comply with a specific set of conditions or the deal would be cancelled. Predictably, G2A did not respond to that ultimatum within the 24 hour time period and the deal was cancelled.


There’s no way to look at this situation other than as a win for the industry. While I’m not sure that I believe Gearbox was totally ignorant here, they ultimately did the right thing by both consumers and the industry. Because a major developer was involved here, G2A has now been blatantly exposed for what they truly are. G2A very clearly has no intentions of cleaning up the problems that the site is built on and they have no issues with benefiting off of illegal and immoral practices. This is just another note in the growing list of examples why G2A is the scum of the industry.

Does this mean that all of the problems with G2A are solved? Absolutely not.  G2A is still going to exist and it’s still going to be a problem in the industry as long as people continue to support their garbage. But at the very least, this incident will continue to spread awareness for what G2A really is; further damaging their credibility. Because this is a higher profile incident, this is a big win and it’s a great example of what can happen when people speak up against this kind of trash. So when you see this kind of nonsense happening, you should always speak out. You’re likely not alone and you can have a real, positive impact.




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