Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Trailer Leaks

Looks like we got our first look at EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront 2 a few days early.


Well, we’re supposed to learn more about EA’s Battlefront 2 at Star Wars Celebration this weekend but apparently someone over at the EA Star Wars Twitter account jumped the gun and posted the trailer early in a since deleted tweet. The trailer gives us our first look at the game’s campaign mode and confirms that the prequel era will be returning to the franchise (two things that never should have left in the first place).


EA certainly didn’t get off to a hot start with the reboot of this franchise. The original Battlefront series from Pandemic Studios was a huge hit and a damn good game. So there was a high level of excitement when EA announced a reboot of the series in 2015. While EA’s Battlefront had masterful graphics and sound design, the little amount of content in the game was inexcusable.

For starters, you basically had to pay $120 just to have enough content to maybe justify a full game, which is bullshit. Even with all of the game’s DLC, it’s still not good enough and has fractured the game’s already small community. So just to rattle off a few; no single player campaigns, no prequel era content, no space battles, even less original trilogy content than the original game had and the systems in the game (heroes, no classes, cards, etc.) were worse than the original. EA’s first shot at Star Wars: Battlefront was a huge miss. I want to believe EA will learn from this with Battlefront 2, but the note at the end of the trailer saying that you have to pre order to get Star Wars: The Last Jedi heroes worries me. EA just doesn’t learn.


The content of the original Battlefront series and the graphics/sound of the rebooted series were so damn good that if EA was just halfway intelligent they’d have merged the two and made a perfect Star Wars game. A reboot having significantly less content than the original game is indefensible. It should not be this hard to release a quality Battlefront game but that’s EA for you. I’ll be keeping my hype for this one in check for the time being.




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