Nintendo Has Discontinued the NES Classic Edition

In a truly mystifying move, Nintendo has discontinued the NES Classic Edition.


According to a statement given to IGN, Nintendo will continue to ship out its remaining NES Classic Edition systems throughout the month of April with no plans to produce any more. In the statement, Nintendo acknowledges the high level of demand and interest in the console. In addition, the NES Classic Controller has also been discontinued and the production of any additional third party accessories will be left up to the individual manufacturers.

I legitimately don’t understand this one. The NES Classic Edition released in November of last year and was one of the hottest items of the holiday season. Much like any other Nintendo system, the NES Classic Edition had absurd supply issues and was nearly impossible to find. This was an extremely affordable system loaded with 30 classic Nintendo titles.

In January, Nintendo announced that 1.5 million NES Classic Edition systems had been sold, which is insane. All Nintendo had to do was mass produce the damn things and they’d have made a pretty penny. Instead, they’re just calling it quits after five months. For whatever reason, Nintendo insists on making things harder for themselves. I honestly don’t know what to think because on the face of it, this decision makes no sense.




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