Season Four Will be the Final Season of Star Wars Rebels

The trailer for the fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels dropped this morning at Star Wars Celebration.


Unfortunately, it was announced this morning that Star Wars Rebels is coming to an end after season four. Rebels has started to get really good over the last couple seasons but this was an inevitability. As Rebels got closer to A New Hope, it was going to have to end at some point in the near future.


Season four should give us quite the emotional send off to Phoenix Squadron. There were really two story arcs that were heavily featured in the trailer; Sabine’s involvement with the Mandalorian Civil War and the rebels’ push to retake Lothal from the Empire. These are storylines that have been ongoing throughout the series and it looks like they’ll reach their conclusions in the first half of the season.

I expect that the back half of season four will heavily focus on the end of Kanan and Ezra’s stories. These are two Jedi who are actively involved in the rebellion and from where they currently stand, there’s a long way to go for them to be out of the picture by the time we reach A New Hope. Whether they’re killed, self-exiled or whatever; that’s going to be a really interesting storyline heading into season four. Regardless of what happens in 4b, I think the odds are that we’ll see the series come to its ultimate conclusion at the Battle of Scarif.


At the end of season two, we saw Ahsoka walk off into a cave and we haven’t heard from her since. Dave Filoni, the master troll, wore a shirt to this morning’s panel that said “Ahsoka Lives?” and switched to a different shirt that says “Ahsoka Lives!” after the season four trailer aired. I don’t think anyone actually believed that she was dead and it’s been referenced in the past that her story was not over but the confirmation is always welcome. The question now is whether she’ll return to Rebels or not. If Ahsoka is going to return to the series, I have to imagine that we’ll see her in the midseason trailer and she’ll play a critical role in the conclusion of Kanan and Ezra’s stories. And if she’s coming back, give me Vader vs. Ahsoka round two or give me death.


It was also announced at this morning’s panel that Warwick Davis would be coming to Rebels this season to voice the character Rukh. From what I gather, Rukh was a character who was tied directly into the end of Grand Admiral Thrawn’s story in the Expanded Universe. Based on the little information I’ve seen so far about that connection, it looks like season four will tidy up Thrawn’s story arc as well.

I’m pretty sad that Rebels is coming to an end. I’ve really come to enjoy the series and it sucks when shows end once they start to get really good but I suppose it’s better than a series having no ending at all (*ahem* The Clone Wars). But fear not, Filoni revealed that Rebels will not be the end of Star Wars animated series so I have to imagine that a new series is currently in the works. Regardless of how Rebels plays out, I’ll be excited to see how it ends and what’s next.




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