The Witcher Author Thinks His Books Made the Games Popular Outside of Poland, Not Vice Versa (He’s Wrong)

Andrzej Sapkowski is back in the news because, you guessed it, he still hates video games.


Andrzej Sapkowski, author of The Witcher series, physically cannot bring himself accept that The Witcher video game series is successful. This is truly one of the most mystifying stories I’ve ever followed. CD Projekt Red’s overwhelming success with The Witcher has done nothing but good things for the series as a whole and Sapkowski refuses to acknowledge it. I legitimately don’t understand it. It feels like every month or two, this jackass is bashing the games that made his series famous worldwide.


For some reason, Sapkowski is in London where he is scheduled to appear on a panel discussing how narrative gaming enhances storytelling; which is hilarious when you understand that he doesn’t believe that to be true. Sapkowski has become notorious for his (incredibly wrong) belief that you cannot tell a quality story through video games and he refuses to even allow for the chance to change his mind. In an interview with Waypoint, Sapkowski openly states that he legitimately believes that a video game and a book cannot work together; which is the real source of the problem here. Sapkowski has deluded himself into believing that the video games have somehow ruined his book series.

In the interview, Sapkowski firmly states that his primary issue is with the idea that the video games made his book series popular outside Poland. Sapkowski believes that the only reason The Witcher was a successful video game series is because of his book series. The only real gripe Sapkowski has is that the English translations of his books use cover art based on the games, which are irrelevant to the content of the books. Outside of that, he doesn’t have a leg to stand on and he is completely wrong. Sapkowski genuinely believes that for every reader he gained from the games, he lost from the books. Quite frankly, I think Andrzej Sapkowski is an idiot.


I can only speak for myself here, but I had never even heard of The Witcher before playing the video games. The series was hugely popular in Poland but it did not have the same international presence that Sapkowski seems to believe that it did. Reading through The Witcher books is now on my list of many things to do. Once I get through my long list of Star Wars books, they’re next on my list. There is zero chance I would have ever even considered reading these books if CD Projekt Red never created a video game series based on The Witcher. It’s that simple.


Andrzej Sapkowski is a perfect example of someone who is completely out of touch with the modern world. Rather than trying to understand a new medium, Sapkowski has chosen to bash the medium as a whole and those who partake in it. What this really reeks of is a man who completely misread the potential of the gaming industry and is incredibly salty that he missed out on a whole lot of money because of it. Honestly, it’s sad. Sapkowski is a man who introduced something brilliant to the world and he refuses to acknowledge any of its success that wasn’t his own doing. I love the series and I can’t wait to read the books. I just wish that Sapkowski would stop bitching about something that was overwhelmingly positive for the series that he created.




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