Twitch Role Play Community Raises CA$20,000+ for Role Player to Stream

Online gaming communities are the greatest.


With Grand Theft Auto role playing rapidly growing in popularity on Twitch, much of the focus has shifted to one player in particular. Eli Thompson is a retired police officer who role plays as the Sheriff in Grand Theft Auto V. Nothing really needs to be said, Eli’s role play speaks for itself. Downright hilarious clips of him have been circulating all corners of the internet recently and his YouTube channel is loaded with Cops-style content. Eli’s content is tremendous and soon, you’ll be able to watch him streaming it live.


Eli has become the star of Grand Theft Auto role playing. Half the time when you’re watching it on Twitch, you’re basically just sitting there waiting for Eli to roll up because that’s when the fun starts. You never know what’s going to happen with Eli and it’s always worth the wait. Eli is truly one of the best role players I’ve ever seen and he brings it at a high level on a regular basis. Not only is Eli absurdly entertaining, but he’s hysterical. So obviously, there’s a pretty high interest in the community for him to live stream.

While Eli has expressed interest in streaming, he doesn’t have the equipment to do so. This is where the Twitch community comes into play. Here’s a guy who’s offering incredibly high levels of entertainment and content for basically nothing, so it’s time to help him out. PmsProxy, another role player in the community, organized a fundraising stream that took place last night to raise money for Eli’s streaming equipment (among other things). She set a goal of CA$13,000 (~$10,000 in American money) and not only was it matched, but it was obliterated. The most recent total I saw was CA$27,000 but I don’t know for sure what the total was. On top of that are the donations that have already been sent to Eli over the last week or so. The community came out big for this one.


Just add another thing to the long list of great things that online gaming communities have come together for. The Twitch role playing community is just one example of the many great online communities out there. Was this a huge deal in the grand scheme of things? Not really. But for Eli, it is. As a whole, the community wanted to come together and chip in to help a guy out. Nobody was asked to do it or was forced into it; the community did it because they felt it was a well earned reward for what Eli has contributed to the community.

I hate to sound so soft about it but it’s really just a heartwarming thing. It feels genuinely good to be a part of community where everyone comes together to help people and just have a good time. It’s sort of cliché but you really have to experience what this kind of community is like first hand to really understand it. So go toss Eli’s Twitch channel a follow and get ready because Trooper Thompson’s first stream is going to be electric.




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