Guild Wars 2 is Gearing up for its Next Expansion

Players have long speculated that Guild Wars 2’s next expansion is on its way and it certainly seems like that speculation is being validated.



There has been a growing sentiment throughout the player base that the current season of the Living World would only be six episodes long (as opposed to eight) with the game’s next expansion following soon after. Yesterday, Arena Net announced that the fifth episode in the third season of Guild Wars 2’s Living World will release next week. In the announcement, it was stated that this would be the penultimate episode of the season; confirming that season three would only contain six episodes total. Alongside the Living World announcement, Guild Wars 2’s first expansion, Heart of Thorns, has received a permanent price drop to $29.99. I don’t know about you, but that sounds a lot like an imminent expansion to me.


Last week, speculation about an upcoming expansion ramped up again in the Guild Wars 2 community when Arena Net rolled out a fairly standard patch to fix some bugs and make various other changes. However, that patch also abruptly altered the character select screen. The shading on the screen was changed from the Heart of Thorns themed green to a darker red color that lines up with seemingly the next Elder Dragon that players will be going toe to toe with, Primordus. Throughout the Guild Wars franchise, changes to the character select screen generally coincide with new expansions. This change was later patched out as a “bug” but the mere fact that it even existed is a pretty clear indication of what’s coming; that screen doesn’t change by accident unless they’re working on it.

News of a new expansion for Guild Wars 2 is hardly surprising. There have been all sorts of leaks all over the place suggesting what kind of content we might see and where the story may be going. At this point, just about everyone in the game’s community knows that we’re heading to the Crystal Desert. But now all of these different pieces are starting to come together and the direction is becoming abundantly clear; Guild Wars 2’s next expansion is right around the corner. If I had to guess, we’ll see season three of the Living World wrap up in July and we’ll probably see an expansion announcement towards the end of summer at either Gamescom or PAX with a release date some time before the end of the year.




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