It Sure Seems Like the Rumors About Pokemon Stars are True

It’s hard to look at this and not think that Pokemon Stars is on the way.


Around Pokemon Sun & Moon’s release last year, there was a pretty large rumor about the next game in the series. The game, titled Pokemon Stars, would be the third version set in the Alola region and would be available on both the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch by the end of 2017; among other details. Rumors about the potential next title in the series have been circulating for quite some time now and it appears we may be onto something.


A new Japanese Pokemon merchandise line, taglined “Look Upon the Stars” was announced a few days ago. The merchandise line features pillows, plushes, bags and other items all themed around a spacey, star concept. The merchandise line is to be released at Pokemon Center stores in Japan on Saturday, May 20.

Now this doesn’t definitively mean anything. This could just simply be a Stars themed Pokemon merchandise line and someone turned it into a new game in false rumors. I happen to be a bit more of a believer in rumors and leaks so I put more stock into that area, particularly after it’s been discussed for over six months now. I also don’t believe that a merchandise line like this would be released without some element of support in the form of a new movie or a new game. On top of that, rumors and speculation is just fun.


Yesterday, I asked why Nintendo was releasing another variant of the Nintendo 3DS in the New Nintendo 2DS XL. If you’re going to announce a new system, especially one that’s not even a hardware upgrade, you’re generally going to want there to be a reason to sell that system. This is why there’s generally a fairly large title due for release when new systems are announced. Pokemon Stars would certainly be a good reason for someone to go out and pick up a new 3DS; especially after experiencing the hardware issues that Pokemon Sun & Moon had on earlier 3DS models. But what I’m really wondering is if Pokemon Stars will be coming to the Switch.


For whatever reason, Nintendo has been reluctant to bring Pokemon to their consoles. I have long said that I will buy any system if it has access to main series Pokemon games or even games that just use a similar system (Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness). Pokemon might be Nintendo’s biggest seller at this point, as evidenced by the gigantic success that Pokemon Sun & Moon saw last year. With the rising popularity of the Switch’s portability mode and the potential (as well as demand) for Pokemon on a console, there’s really no reason to not release it there. If Nintendo puts Pokemon on a console, it will sell; of that I am certain. Not that Nintendo has ever given me any reason to believe that they would do the smartest thing to make money.

Regardless of what console it releases on, I’m always ready for a new Pokemon game and it looks like Pokemon Stars is coming.




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