Guild Wars 2 Has a Major Leak Problem

The amount of leaks related to unreleased Guild Wars 2 content is starting to get a bit ridiculous.


Please note, there will be no spoilers mentioned here. If you want to find out more about the leaks, the information is all over the place. Just head on over to Google and do some digging if you’re interested, you’ll find them.


Little bits of information related to upcoming Guild Wars 2 content are always trickling out. Whether it’s information data mined from new patches or small leaks from the game’s closed testing/partner program, we’re constantly getting little glimpses at future content. That’s something you’re not going to ever stop and it’s manageable. But the Guild Wars 2 leaks are starting to get out of control.

If you hadn’t heard, there was a rather significant leak that occurred a couple days ago. The leak, an Imgur album consisting of over 20 screenshots, revealed quite a bit of information from Guild Wars 2’s upcoming expansion including elite specializations, locations and other pieces of information. This was a gigantic leak that effectively revealed the vast majority of the launch content from Guild Wars 2’s next expansion. The original album has since been removed but the pictures are out there.

Look, I get just as hyped as everyone else. When I stumbled across that album late Monday night, I ripped through it and I got pretty excited by what I saw. I salivate over collecting as much information as I can about this game. I want to know what’s coming and I want to talk about it. For me personally, seeing that kind of thing isn’t that big of a deal and I actually look forward to it. But it is a big deal to some people.


Now that the information is out there, it’s incredibly difficult to avoid. Anyone who wants to speculate about the game’s future or how it’s going to progress now has spoiler information fueling their discussions. Once someone has seen a piece of information, it’s impossible to objectively discuss a topic while trying to ignore the fact that you know for sure what is actually going to happen. Prior to Guild Wars 2’s first expansion, it would be disingenuous to speculate about anything if you already knew we were going to the Maguuma Jungle to fight Mordremoth. The people trying to avoid those spoilers now face a rather high risk of having the surprise ruined for them; whether it be in general game discussions or in the in-game chat.

Spirit Vale.jpg

And that’s not even including what this does to the developers. These people have worked hard to develop this expansion and now their surprise is kind of ruined. Any big reveals at the end of the current Living World season or in the build up towards the expansion are now kind of useless. We already know what’s coming. It just sucks for those people that this information is now out there way earlier than it should have been.

I suspect that this information is coming from the closed testing program. While everyone in the closed testing program is under a non-disclosure agreement, I know firsthand what some of the people in there do as it relates to new information. While Arena Net uses a watermark to identify leakers from the program, it’s something that can be manipulated and is not a sure defense mechanism. I also wouldn’t be surprised if some information was coming from Arena Net’s partnership program, exclusive to Guild Wars 2 content creators. Either way, Arena Net’s trust in the community has to be shattered.

Come at me.jpg

Wooden Potatoes uploaded a great video on the subject yesterday that I would encourage anyone to watch. Wherever this information is coming from, it’s now a problem that Arena Net needs to address. Guild Wars 2 information is leaking out at an exponentially growing rate and it has now reached a point of excessiveness. A leak like this should never happen and Arena Net needs to find a way to stop this from happening in the future. All I would ask of the community is to please be aware of what you say and respect the members of the community trying to avoid spoilers. The expansion is close and we’re all excited, but don’t ruin it for the people who don’t want it ruined.




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