The Witcher is Coming to Netflix

It doesn’t look like The Witcher will be going anywhere any time soon.



Early this morning, it was announced by Platige Image that production has begun on a Netflix drama series based on The Witcher. Sean Daniel and Jason Brown of the Sean Daniel Company are executive producers alongside Tomek Baginski and Jarek Sawko who will be working on the visual effects. Baginski, who has worked on cinematics in The Witcher video game series, will also serve as a director for at least one episode per season.

When I woke up and saw the news this morning, I was hyped as hell. I am a gigantic fanboy of The Witcher and I am dying for anything new related to the series. Anything that puts this series in my face, I’m in. While we could certainly discuss the possibility that we would see the series continue to grow, there was no real guarantee that any new content would ever be made in the series on any medium. So news that a Netflix series is coming definitely got the blood pumping.


This will not be the first time The Witcher has attempted a live action series. In 2002, a tv series was made in Poland that was not particularly good and only lasted one season. One has to think that with the series’ recent surge in international popularity, Netflix will be committing serious resources to production here so it can’t possibly be any worse. The Witcher is such a fantastic series and technology in 2017 opens the door for such high potential that it would be a damn travesty if this series were to miss the mark.


The series will also be based on The Witcher books, not the video games. The series’ creator, Andrzej Sapkowski, will serve as a creative consultant on the series. In the release, Sapkowski seems pretty excited that The Witcher is becoming a series that’s “staying true to the source material and themes” that he’s created. Now, because I’m me, I can’t help but see that as a shot at CD Projekt Red’s video game series; which Sapkowski openly detests.

Now look, Sapkowski can hate on CD Projekt Red all he wants, but I seriously hope this guy understands what they’ve done for him. Sapkowski created a great world that became insanely popular in his home country but that’s it, it didn’t grow from there because of him. CD Projekt Red took a huge chance with his series, that he laughed at, and hit a grand slam. The Witcher is as popular as it is worldwide because of what CD Projekt Red accomplished. So I genuinely hope Sapkowski acknowledges and appreciates how his series got to the point that it’s currently at.

Now bring me Geralt of Rivia.




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