Grand Theft Auto’s Brightest Role Player Takes The Stage

The most notorious police officer in Los Santos is off to a roaring start on Twitch.


If you pay any attention to the ongoing trends of Twitch, you’re no doubt familiar with the rise of Grand Theft Auto role playing. And if you’re familiar with that, then there’s no way that you haven’t heard of Grand Theft Auto’s biggest star; Sheriff Eli Thompson. “Eli Thompson” became such a huge hit over the last couple of months that the role play community on Twitch raised over $20,000 for him to acquire the equipment necessary to run his own stream. This past week, Eli’s heavily anticipated Twitch debut was a massive hit.


No, Eli didn’t take the money and run nor did he fall on his face; much to the chagrin of a fairly large group of people. In fact, he’s actually pretty damn good at streaming. There was an insane expectation to live up to here; the community raised a massive amount of money for him, he had over 50,000 followers on Twitch and a subscription button before ever even streaming and he maintained over 40,000 viewers on his very first stream. That right there is a recipe for disaster for anyone streaming for the first time and Eli hit a home run.

Not only does Eli bring his outstanding role playing to the table but he’s incredibly witty, fast on his feet and actually kind of educational. While watching Eli’s stream this week, the biggest thing that stands out is that he explains things beautifully. Whether he’s explaining the thought process behind how he approaches a situation or just explaining policing in general, there’s a lot to learn. He’s not just a power tripping admin who’s an asshole to people just because he can be; there’s some serious logic behind his role playing and he’ll explain it to you pretty clearly.


Eli’s also just a terrific entertainer in general. It doesn’t matter if it’s real players or computer controlled AI, he’ll find a way to engage in some hysterical role play to keep you entertained. One of the hardest things for a big streamer to do is keep up with the viewers. You have to stay on the ball and maintain a certain level of content without much of a break in between. Eli does a pretty good job of following/ communicating with chat and if you attempt to troll him, he’ll turn it into a hilarious roast right off the cuff. Eli has maintained a consistent stream of entertainment and that’s way harder than you would think it is. If there is some down time in game, he’ll step aside and start rolling through some subscriptions/donations because he’s genuinely appreciative of the amount of support he’s received.

Eli’s just completed his first complete week of streaming on Twitch and it was a huge success. He’s insanely entertaining, improvises as well as anyone and seems like a pretty genuine guy. I watched most of his streams over the past week and I was dying laughing almost the entire time. If you’ve never experienced Eli’s role playing before or role playing in general, I can’t emphasize it enough that you should give it a chance. Sit down one day, pop open Eli’s stream and just have some fun. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this guy.




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