‘Gaming Through New Eyes’ – How a Blind Man Learned to Play Video Games

Here’s your feel good story for the week.


Toby Ott is a man born with bilateral anophthalmia, a rare condition where a person is born without eyes. In spite of his condition, Toby has learned how to play and take joy in video games. YouTube user dansg08, upon learning of Toby’s story, made a short documentary where Toby goes into depth about what it’s like for him to experience video games and offers suggestions for how developers can help disabled gamers. There’s really not much to say as it’s all in the video, so take 15 minutes and give it a watch. It’s absolutely worth the time.

While Toby’s story is unique, it’s not unfamiliar territory. There are many people who have been able to overcome physically limiting conditions to learn to play video games. One of the more common situations I’ve seen are gamers that play with only one hand but occasionally you’ll see a story about someone who plays with some other method of control like their face or a custom controller. Stories like Toby’s are truly touching and I’ll never grow tired of hearing them. Gaming is a terrific medium that everyone should be able to experience and these stories show you that even if you’re not “normal,” you can overcome your disability and enjoy gaming just as much as anyone else.




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