Nintendo Announces ‘Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon’

This is the greatest time of the year for gamers.


Nintendo apparently didn’t want to wait another week because they announced Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon this morning. Yesterday, out of nowhere, it was announced that there would be a short, eight minute long Pokemon Direct this morning and the attention immediately shifted to the next main entry in the Pokemon series. I think just about everybody went into this Direct expecting the announcement of Pokemon Stars or a Diamond/Pearl remake with a highly anticipated Switch release. I’m pretty damn excited that we’re getting Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon and I can’t wait to get my hands on it later this year. I really loved Sun/Moon and I’m pumped to see a another entry in the Alola region in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. It’s a bummer that it doesn’t sound like the game is coming out on the Switch but I’m still excited nonetheless.

It was also announced that Pokemon Gold & Silver will be receiving a Virtual Console release later this year as well (with Pokemon Bank support).

Nintendo stuffing Ultra Sun & Moon behind Pokken Tournament DX was a classic trolljob. You can watch that trailer below.




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