Liveblog: EA’s E3 2017 Press Conference

E3 2017 is officially underway.


Gone are the days when E3 was just a day long marathon of gaming news. Now it’s spread over a period of three days, thanks to EA’s decision last year to fraction off and run its own EA Play event before E3 technically begins. Outside of the obvious Star Wars Battlefront II and sports games, I’m not really sure what to expect from this press conference. I’m hoping we’ll get the announcement of at least one more Star Wars game, some news about either BioWare’s new IP or Dragon Age 4 and some new surprises.

EA’s press conference begins at 3 pm EST and you can watch it on Twitch (as well as various other sites). You can follow along with my own personal input here or you can check back after the press conference is over. EA’s press conference is the only event of the day so be there or be square.

Battlefront 2

4:18 – That’s it for EA. Now I have to go outside and mingle with people at my sister’s graduation party before I get yelled at by someone.

4:15 – Battlefront II looks really good and I’m glad to see that EA listened to feedback from Battlefront (2015). I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

4:11 – The hero system in Battlefront II looks like it’s significantly better than it was in Battlefront (2015).

4:08 – The Clone Wars brings me pure joy. This is awesome.

4:00 – Time for the live gameplay of the Assault on Theed.

3:57 – All post launch content is free? Good fucking job EA.

3:57 – Sounds like the first free DLC for Battlefront 2 will be a The Last Jedi content pack, including both Finn and Phasma.

3:55 – The fact that they brought in the voice actors from The Clone Wars makes me so happy.

3:54 – This looks like the Battlefront we should have got two years ago. Fuck yes.

3:48 – I’ve pictured all of the female Imperial officers in the new canon Star Wars books to look the exact same as this lady.

3:47 – Imperial March… Keep it in your pants, Chris.

3:47 – STAR WARS!

3:46 – Charity stuff. Always on board with showing what the gaming industry has done for the world.

3:41 – More sports. I’d rather EA just pump all of these out in a quick burst rather than spreading them out like this and sucking up a ton of time.

3:40 – Gameplay reveal for BioWare’s new IP, Anthem, is at Microsoft’s conference tomorrow. It’s definitely intriguing but it looks exactly like Destiny.

3:39 – Hell yes, BioWare’s new IP.

3:38 – Some early looks at Scorpio before Microsoft’s conference tomorrow.

3:34 – The concept of A Way Out is really cool.

3:32 – So the guys behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons made a new co-op game. That’ll get my attention.

3:27 – Need for Speed: Payback looks pretty. That was a pretty good action sequence.

3:22 – I can definitely appreciate EA trying to put story modes into their sports games to dial up something new.

3:19 – FIFA is certainly looking pretty fancy. I’ll give it that.

3:15 – I don’t hate sports games, but they’re without a doubt the worst part of EA’s presentation every year.

3:13 – Upcoming FIFA championship… if you’re into that sort thing.

3:09 – New maps and an expansion to Battlefield 1 in September.

3:06 – Looks like we’re getting a look at upcoming content in Battlefield 1 to start things off.

3:05 – 30 minutes of Star Wars Battlefront II? Hot damn.

3:02 – Opening up with some guys in Brady jerseys playing the drums for Madden 18. Guess we’re knocking sports games out early.

3:00 – We are live!

2:55 – Five minutes to go.

2:30 – The press conference begins in about half an hour.




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