Liveblog: Microsoft’s E3 2017 Press Conference

It’s time to see what Project Scorpio is all about.


It’s time for E3 to kick things into high gear. This should be the beginning of a pretty gigantic flood of gaming news over the next 48 hours. Project Scorpio is obviously the star of the show and I expect Microsoft to open up with it. I think we pretty much know what to expect from it at this point so it’s really just about seeing the actual console and its name. From there, I’m really hoping we get the official reveals for Crackdown 3 and the next Tomb Raider game today. Our first look at BioWare’s Anthem is high up on the list as well. Just give me a steady string of game news and I’ll be happy.

Microsoft’s press conference begins at 5 pm EST and you can watch it on Twitch (as well as various other sites). You can follow along with my own personal input here or you can check back after the press conference is over. Hopefully Microsoft has a strong showing because EA was pretty terrible yesterday and it feels like the E3 hype has died down a bit.


6:43 – That’s it for Microsoft. Strong showing, ish.

6:42 – Anthem looks pretty damn cool. No doubt about it.

6:33 – $500 for the Xbox One X. I’ll have more thoughts on this later.

6:30 – Microsoft going full backwards compatibility now. Still amazes me that this is somehow considered a feature now.

6:28 – My love for Ori and the Blind Forest knows no bounds. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

6:26 – Turning the already great nemesis system into a personal army system was an outstanding idea.

6:23 – Unsurprisingly, Shadow of War looks so cool.

6:19 – So Life is Strange 2 is a prequel after all. Not entirely sure how I feel about that.

6:12 – About damn time. I am ready for Crackdown 3.

6:10 – CRACKDOWN!!!

6:09 – Oh yeah, Cuphead still isn’t even out yet.

6:08 – 3D Platformers are making a comeback, baby!!!

6:05 – I can’t wait for Sea of Thieves. Soooo much potential.

5:56 – Code Vein looks fucking sweet. Sign me up.

5:54 – Microsoft has finally learned to just pack this thing in with game trailers and it’s made their show a million times more enjoyable.

5:52 – Black Desert on console? Can’t say I saw that one coming. Good luck with that.

5:49 – Dragon Ball fighting game? Yeah, that’ll move the needle for some people.

5:45 – Minecraft refuses to die.

5:44 – So The Darwin Project is MOBA meets Battle Royale? Interesting concept.

5:41 – State of Decay 2 really does nothing for me.

5:34 – It’s great to see PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds thriving. One of the rare examples of an early access game that did it right.

5:32 – Assassin’s Creed: Origins looks very cool.

5:29 – I hope Assassin’s Creed: Origins doesn’t actually have this much exposition in it.

5:25 – This is the first time that Assassin’s Creed legitimately has had my attention in several years. I’m all in on Ancient Egypt.

5:23 – Metro Exodus looked pretty cool but I’d like to see some actual gameplay. That felt like a scripted segment of the game.

5:18 – 42 games? Hot damn, let’s fucking go.

5:17 – So are we supposed to think they actually played that live?

5:13 – An actual car reveal. That’s kinda neat. But why do I care, exactly?

5:11 – Microsoft showing off graphics by showing Forza Motorsport 7. It’s actually become comical how predictable that is.

5:05 – Xbox One X was really the only half decent name for this thing. Console physically looks sorta meh. Releases November 7th.

5:04 – These “I Witnessed The Most Powerful Console Ever” shirts are terrible.

5:00 – And we’re off and running.

4:55 – Five minutes to go.

4:30 – 30 minutes to showtime.




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