Liveblog: PlayStation’s E3 2017 Press Conference

The show we’ve all been waiting for.


In recent years, PlayStation has pretty much perfected the art of the E3 press conference. These things have been stuffed to the limit with gaming news in the last couple years and have become the star of E3. You never really know what you’re going to get with PlayStation. Sure, we’re gonna get lots of information about games like Call of Duty: World War 2 and Destiny 2; but there’s always more. Perhaps we’ll (finally) get more info on the Final Fantasy VII remake or an unexpected look at games like The Last of Us Part 2, Red Dead Redemption 2 or Bloodborne 2. No doubt we’ll also see games like Crash Bandicoot  N. Sane Trilogy (due out later this month), God of War 4 and Spider-Man alongside many others. Sony always comes in hard at this thing so I’m expecting a lot. The only thing I’m ruling out is Kingdom Hearts 3, since Square Enix decided to jump the gun on that one.

PlayStation’s press conference begins at 9 pm EST and you can watch it on Twitch (as well as various other sites). You can follow along with my own personal input here or you can check back after the press conference is over. My head is going to explode if I get my Spyro the Dragon remaster.

God of War.jpg

10:04 – I probably need to brush up on my Spider-Man info, but was that scene suggesting that Spider-Man dies in the intro and the new kid takes up the mantle? Because that’d be kinda neat.

10:02 – So that was it for PlayStation. That sucked and I’m stunned I’m even saying that. The presentation was bad and the stream was horrendous.

9:59 – Spider-Man looks great but there’s a whoooole lotta quick time events in here.

9:53 – Spider-Man, there we go.

9:51 – I’m not sure that there’s anything Destiny could do that would make me interested in playing it.

9:49 – I’m not saying Detroit: Become Human looks bad, but it’s not really grabbing my attention.

9:38 – God of War. Let’s get this thing back on the rails.

9:34 – Final Fantasy fishing for VR.

9:30 – Jesus, enough with Skyrim. More on this later but this game needs to be sent into the sun.

9:28 – Call of Duty is back.

9:26 – Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite looks, uh… outdated?

9:23 – Shadow of the Colossus remastered. Playstation out here doing the damn thing again.

9:22 – My enjoyment of the Monster Hunter trailer was severely impacted by this stream being not great.

9:13 – I still don’t really know what I think of Days Gone. Obvious The Last of Us feel to it.

9:09 – RIP everyone’s speakers when the sound came back.

9:08 – Hell yes on the Horizon Zero Dawn DLC/expansion/whatever but can we fix the damn sound, please?

9:06 – Scratch that, the sound is all screwed up in general.

9:05 – Playstation’s Twitch stream dropping the ball on sound for the Uncharted trailer.

8:58 – Let’s fucking go.

8:30 – Half hour to showtime.




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