Where Are All The ‘Star Wars’ Games?

EA’s Star Wars games have gone MIA.


At their E3 event last year, EA released a behind the scenes video showing us what’s going on as it relates to creating Star Wars games. In the video, we saw employees from Dice, Motive Studios, Capital Games and BioWare discussing what it’s been like working on Star Wars Battlefront (2015), Galaxy of Heroes and Star Wars: The Old Republic respectively. We also got a sneak peak at untitled Star Wars games being developed by Respawn Entertainment and Visceral games. We even got a short glimpse at what Visceral’s project looks like in early development footage. It’s been a year now and we still haven’t heard anything about those games.


As I’m sure everyone is aware by now, LucasFilm and the rights to Star Wars were sold to Disney in 2012. Since that time, we really haven’t seen much in gaming from Star Wars. Outside of ongoing series like The Old Republic, Galaxy of Heroes and the Lego games; Battlefront has been the only thing we’ve got. On top of that, both Star Wars 1313 and an untitled Maul game were cancelled. According to Star Wars YouTuber HelloGreedo, we’re seeing about 0.4 Star Wars games a year since EA received the rights to Star Wars games. Overall, that leaves us pretty short on Star Wars games in recent years and that didn’t change at E3 2017.

Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront II was the obvious center piece of EA’s presentation this year and it looks great. Battlefront (2015) was a huge disappointment and Battlefront II looks to be everything that we expected from the previous title. But I was really disappointed to see that we didn’t even get a tease at what Respawn or Visceral have got coming. In fact, we really don’t even know what kind of games they’re developing at all. I understand that EA wants Battlefront II to receive the attention, but the announcement of a new Star Wars game wouldn’t be a terrible thing (especially when their press conference wasn’t particularly good).

I would like to point out that D23 Expo is taking place next month so I won’t completely rule out the announcement of a new game announcement there. D23 Expo has become a major event for Disney and because it’s so soon after E3, I could at least understand why EA might push back a major announcement like that an extra month to give Disney some juice. But on June 14th, I’m still left asking where all the Star Wars games are at. Star Wars Battlefront (2015) gave us a glimpse at what Star Wars games have the potential to be in 2017 and I’m dying for more.




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