The Han Solo Movie Has Lost Its Directors

Can we just pretend that the idea for this movie never existed?


Last night, it was announced by LucasFilm that Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the directors of the untitled Han Solo film, are leaving over “creative differences.” The timing of the announcement was weird, considering filming has been ongoing since February and was due to wrap up within the next few weeks. According to a report from Hollywood Reporter, the directors of 21 Jump Street were treating Han Solo as more of a comedic personality than a sarcastic and selfish character, resulting in their removal from the production. You’d think something as significant as those “creative differences” would have been a focal point earlier in the process, but this all builds up to my main argument with this movie: why does it even exist?


This movie should have never been an idea that even made it out of the meeting it was brought up. From the second it was announced that we would be receiving a Han Solo movie, I think the majority opinion was (and still is) against it. Why do we need a prequel movie for Han Solo? We know everything that we already need to know about his past, there’s no reason to explore it any more than that. I will admit, a big reason I feel this way is because I don’t want someone not named Harrison Ford playing the role but the point remains, this movie is completely unnecessary.


Aside from the fact that the movie is unnecessary and not wanted, everything I’ve heard about it since its announcement has made me want it even less than I already did. I don’t think Emilia Clarke is a particularly great actress and she plays my least favorite tv character of all time (Daenerys in Game of Thrones). I can’t take Woody Harrelson seriously in anything that’s not a comedy (funny how that played out, considering yesterday’s news). Alden Ehrenreich looks nothing like Han Solo. And now the directors are out right in the heart of production because they don’t understand the character. Outside of Daniel Glover playing Lando, I can’t think of a single piece of positive news related to this movie that has even made me want to watch it a little bit.

Now look, I’m a gigantic Star Wars fanboy and I’m going to see the movie on release night. In fact, it’s certainly possible that it might even be good and that I’ll like it. But it still shouldn’t exist. There are so many other possibilities for spinoffs that make a ton more sense that people actually want; Obi-Wan, the Battle of Mandalore, a real Clone Wars movie with Anakin and Obi-Wan (Episode 2.5), The Old Republic and who knows how many stories that could be told that have no direct attachment to the main saga. They could do just about anything, why did they have to pick Han Solo? I wish they would just up and cancel this movie but that’s not going to happen. All I know is that I want absolutely nothing to do with this movie.




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