The Modern Warfare Remastered Standalone is a Shameless Money Grab

Please do not buy this game.


I’m sure you know the details by now. Last year, everyone got excited when it was officially announced that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was receiving a remaster. Then Activision poured ice cold water all over that hype by announcing that you had to purchase the $80 Legacy Edition of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to play it. Finally, to obviously not kill the series’ newest title, Modern Warfare Remastered was not released as a standalone title at launch and you were required to possess Infinite Warfare to play it. Tomorrow, Modern Warfare Remastered will finally receive a standalone release and you should one thousand percent not even consider buying it.


Modern Warfare Remastered is going to be priced at $40 without the DLC map pack included. That DLC map pack, the same one that originally sold for $10 when it released for Call of Duty 4 and was free on PC, costs $15. So it wasn’t bad enough that Activision released the exact same DLC for the original game at 150% of the cost, but now it’s not even included in the standalone release. So if you want a true, Call of Duty 4 remastered experience, you effectively have to buy the entire game again at full price. That is absolutely ridiculous.

We’ve seen a lot of shameless money grabs in gaming and we’ll see countless others in the future, but this one is way up there on the list. There was a golden path for Activision on this one. Don’t do Infinite Warfare and just straight up release Modern Warfare Remastered at $40 in November. Yeah your individual sale price is lower but I bet you’d have sold a ton more copies and got the series some momentum before its return to World War 2. Then you could do your DLCs and maybe make some new maps or reskin old maps from Call of Duty 2 or something. Instead, what we got was basically a big middle finger.

Don’t buy this game.




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